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DANCING EVENTS ! 06/21 Salsa/Bachata & 06/28 Blues Dance


エントランス: 1500円(2ドリンク&レッスン付き)

Bonjour Tokyo Bar is happy to welcome you to a new kind of event ! Here we go for a Dancing Party and this time, this is Salsa and Bachata !
From 6pm to 11pm, join us to have a good time and dance, beginners and pros are welcome ! Salsa instructor will be with you to show you the moves and give you advices ! Let’s dance together and have a good time !
Entrance 1500 ¥ including 2 Drinks + Dance Lesson

Le Bar Bonjour Tokyo vous invite pour un nouveau type d’événement, nous allons danser !!! Cette fois, venez essayer la Salsa et la Bachata ! De 18h a 23h, entre amateurs et passionnés, venez rencontrer notre professeur qui vous enseignera et vous donnera des conseils sur comment danser !
Entrée 1500¥ avec deux boissons !!!


Blues night is back at Bonjour Tokyo Bar! See below for English.
Bonjour Tokyo Bar と Tokyo Blues Dancersのコラボでお届けするブルースダンスと楽しいおしゃべりの夜、ぜひお越しください。

# ブルースダンスとは

# Tokyo Blues Dancersとは
Tokyo Blues Dancersは、ブルースを愛するダンサーが集まったグループです。まだまだ小さなグループですが、日本全国にブルース音楽とブルースダンスを広めるため、練習会やイベントを開催しています。

参加料: 1500円2ドリンクチケット付きです。
マップ: https://goo.gl/maps/kcppRpVHN8P2

Join us for an evening of socializing and blues dancing, brought to you by a joint collaboration of Bonjour Tokyo Bar and Tokyo Blues Dancers.

# What is blues dance?
Blues dance is a social dance done to blues music that originated within the African American community. Blues can be danced both solo and with a partner, and to a variety of music ranging from elegant, slow jazz to funky electric blues cuts.

# Who are Tokyo Blues Dancers?
Tokyo Blues Dancers is a small, but dedicated group of dancers whose mission is to spread their love of both blues music and dance all across Japan. It was founded in 2015.

Entrance fee: ¥1,500 including two drinks!
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/kcppRpVHN8P2

A propos Julien

Bonjour à vous ! Je m'appelle Julien et je vis au Japon depuis maintenant plus de six ans ! J'ai crée Bonjour Tokyo afin de faciliter les rencontres entre français et japonais au pays du soleil levant . Si vous venez visiter Tokyo et voulez vous faire des amis sur place, venez nous rejoindre !

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